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Ecoren’s approach of identifying high-value opportunities early in the development cycle has received great acclaim in the European wind energy conference in Austria.

Ecoren at the EWEA conference 2013, Austria

Ecoren energy was the only major Indian wind energy player to be present at the EWEA conference 2013 at Vienna, Austria. The EWEA annual event is Europe’s premier wind energy industrial event comprising an extensive exhibition and comprehensive conference that covers both the technical and financial aspects of the industry. The event attracted over 10,000 attendees.

Ecoren energy submitted a research paper on the in-house approach developed for evaluating qualitatively potential sites with high levels of confidence before mast installation.

This approach is based on ‘Coupling mesoscale with CFD modeling’. The research paper was accepted and the approach was validated by the whole scientific committee at the EWEA. Apart from showcasing its wind resource assessment, department technical capabilities and findings to a panel of worldwide experts, capitalizing on partnership opportunities with European developers and ipp was the another focus for Ecoren energy at EWEA 2013.

Ecoren invited to global investors summit; MP

Ecoren Energy and its subsidiaries have participated in RFP 1 under the “Policy for implementation of Wind Power Projects in Madhya Pradesh -2012″ and were allotted 175.2MW. This was the highest allotment for the development of Wind Power Projects in Madhya Pradesh and the same was recognized by the Govt. of Madhya Pradesh during the Global Investors Summit organized by Govt. of Madhya Pradesh at Indore. Ecoren has demonstrated excellent project development skills by meeting the timelines, which has been appreciated by the Nodal Agency and Government of Madhya Pradesh.

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