About Us

Ecoren is a premier developer and owner of renewable projects. Our mission is to deliver high-performance clean energy projects that can secure the energy needs of utilities and large consumers. Ecoren prospects superior resource sites, develops, finances, constructs, owns and operates utility-scale renewable energy projects with focus on building on-shore wind and solar PV facilities to generate clean and reliable energy.  We are an independent power company focused on generating stable long-term cash flows in attractive markets with potential for continued growth of our business.

Superior wind resource

Ecoren is developing superior resource projects that are competitive with conventional fuels. Prospecting high-value resource opportunities even before making significant investments is the defining aspect of us. We keep investigating wind resource patterns, calibrating atmospheric models and have developed our own methodology of site prospection & development.

Levelized cost of energy leadership

Ecoren is achieving cost of energy leadership through exclusive emphasis on reliable generation and energy yield ownership. We prioritize projects based on favorability and dependability of winds.

Technology choice

Ecoren is technology agnostic to deliver the highest energy yield at the most efficient cost for the entire value chain. Prospecting and self-development approach of ecoren helps unlock the value of technology and project development.

Grid integration and reliable interconnection

We are successfully finding resource-rich projects with reasonable scale where they are needed the most i.e. closer to load centers that have no alternate generation source. As per the market rules and protocols that generally govern the dispatch of electricity, our projects would have better grid availability.

Regulatory and policy advocacy

Spending on low-carbon technologies must be smart, given increasing fiscal pressure and the rate of required investment. Ecoren continues to play a proactive role to develop long-term predictable policies that will encourage investors to switch from traditional energy sources to low-carbon technologies.

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