Pathway to sustainability

It is time the regulators and governments
of the world took the actions needed to
unleash the potential of renewable energy. Together with industry and consumers, we

can put the energy ecosystem on track
to a sustainable and secure energy
future. We owe it to our economies,
our citizens and our next generations.

Change course

We built our civilization by harnessing
energy, which is at the core of economic
growth and prosperity. But in recent years,
in a weak world economy, oil prices have
soared and carbon dioxide emissions from
energy have reached record highs. The
ways we supply and use energy threaten

our energy security, economic prosperity
and environment. They are clearly
unsustainable. We must change course
before it’s too late. Renewable energy
and emerging country efforts are light in
the dark, as progress on clean energy
remains far below a 2°c pathway.

Moving clean energy
into mainstream

The dependence on coal for economic
growth is particularly strong in emerging
economies, despite renewable achieving
grid parity. This presents a fundamental
threat to a low-carbon future. Unless we
get the policies and project development
strategy right, a cost-effective clean -
energy transition just will not happen.

Investing and developing renewable
projects alone will not achieve
sustainability; to change course is to be
cost-efficient with conventional fuels, to
achieve cost of energy leadership, to be
resource-efficient and to meet the peak
energy needs with price certainty.

We at ecoren,
have the passion
to lead change.

Ecoren, with the Passion to
Lead Change, is charting
its own high-value growth
opportunity by being a premier
developer and owner of
renewable projects. We are
building one of the most
distinctive portfolios of
renewable projects in India.
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